Mindfully EST. 2014


The ancient wisdom of Buddha teaches the importance of living in the present.  Life is authentically lived when focusing on the here and now, yet so much of our time and focus is far from what is in the present moment.  Many will admit that much of one's day is consumed with stewing over the future or regretting the past, while completely missing out on what is presently happening, right now.  Spending a few minutes each day focusing solely on the breath, its rhythmic cadence of the in-and-out breathe can help to hone in on the present, as well as closing one’s eyes, allowing the mind to peacefully rest from endless, internal repetitive chatter.


Chocolate has a way of alluring one to the present moment.  The singular notes of chocolate, its divine aroma, rich, deep colors and slow delicious melt, directs one to the present and the sensuous here and now.  Add to that chocolate’s infinite infusions such as sea salt, nuts, berries and coconut milk caramel…and time seems to stand perfectly still.